Maysan Hotels

Maysan is an Arabic name which means the shiny huge star.

We are thrilled to announce that we have established two new brands in the world of hotels industry according to our development pipeline targets.
Namely The Grand Plaza which has four stars , as well as Plaza Inn which has three star .

Maysan is preparing to launch the grand plaza brand for two new hotels in Madinah which Maysan has rented recently for long term Al Salyhiya Tiabah will be named Grand Plaza Al Madinah and Bahudain will be named Grand Plaza Bader Al Maqam، both hotels are located in the Northern Central Region which is very close to Haram opposite ladies gate .
Maysan is renovating and fully equipping the two hotels to be ready for this Hajj Season

we will keep you posted for our new announcement for the upcoming new hotels for both Makkah and Madinah so that Maysan will always be your best choice


To be pioneers in Hospitality Industry and Hajj & Umrah. Tourism is the locomotive of development , words that were not in vain in the field of tourism and travel . It is a fertile renewable field that grows and thrives in a promising economic environment.


To invest the quality of our services and the loyalty of our staff to provide our clients with a unique experience while they are performing their rituals in a spiritual environment.


With our focus on delivering the highest standards, we will continue to drive internal operating competencies and foster long-term relationships with owners and developers. Our goal is to establish an unwavering reputation for expertise and professionalism and ensure sustainable growth within our portfolio.

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Maysan Values


Accept responsibility and be transparent and trustworthy.


To be fair and impartial towards all concerned parties.


Have courage to create our own future plans to meet continuous developments.


Staying true and committed to the company and to each other in both bad and good times.


Conducting our business without compromising integrity.


Being fast, flexible, dynamic and adaptive in delivering programmatic and valuable solutions to succeed in our business.

. Expansion Strategy

Our short term goal is to have a group of 20 branches by 2025 across the Islamic world. We currently operate 7 branches in Makkah, Madinah, Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan & Morocco.

. Our end-goal

With an annual turn over of 1 billion Saudi Riyals and 1.5 million customers from all over the Islamic world through a wide network for all hotels categories in the holiest cities in earth - Makkah and Madinah, we will continue our efforts to maintain our market leadership and contribute in developing Hajj and Umrah hospitality industry.


Each having dozens of years of experience.

Ayman EL Rakhawy


Arshraf Fouad

Executive President

Mahmoud Shalaby

Vice Executive President

Mohamed Ellemby

Vice Executive President

Taha Al Sayed

Director of Business Development

Taha Elwya

Director of Revenue and Digital Marketing

Shawqy Al Mahdy

Director of Sales and Reservations

Abdelrazek Ramadan

Executive Director - Indonesia

Sherif Bawazeer

Executive Director - Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Aminullah

Executive Director - Pakistan